Decarbonise cloud computing.

Mitigate the carbon emissions of your cloud infrastructure.

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We need to rethink how we build digital technologies.

We believe climate technology is the path to a greener and more prosperous future. That’s why we’re developing pioneering solutions to decarbonise cloud infrastructure.

Data centres currently make up 2% of global GHG emissions.

The internet is the world's largest coal-powered machine.

Cloud computing industry sales are set to exceed 1 trillion by 2030.


Technology will be core to solving myriad global issues.

Carbon Crowd provides a simple way to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions from your cloud infrastructure.

Real-time Measurement

Measure the carbon footprint of your digital infrastructure in real-time.

Dynamic Routing

Route your client's workloads to green data-centres.

Scheduled Compute

Run batch jobs at carbon-efficient times.

Emission Offseting

Offset unavoidable emissions.


What we`re working on

At Carbon Crowd, we are building a range of solutions to solve climate problems and offset carbon footprint for our clients.


Decarbonisation Services

Understanding your emissions profile is the first step in decarbonising digital infrastructure.

We`re bundling real-time emissions tracking with a smart resource allocation decision engine for an all-in-one decarbonisation tool.


Climate Assets

Climate assets include carbon credits, renewable energy certificates (RECS) and other tradable stores-of-value. Market mechanisms for trading these assets allows more efficient allocations of resources.

Meet the Team

A team of entrepreneurs and industry specialists bringing technology to tackle a global issue.