Decarbonise cloud computing.

Real-time carbon analytics for cloud networks, blockchain and IoT

What we stand for

We need to rethink how we build digital technologies.

Create your own dashboard - No matter what industry you are in, if your organisation consumes electricity, we can help you measure your impact.

Access Carbon Crowd API - Leverage our API for intelligent decision-making with carbon-signals in your network and devices.

Bespoke consulting solutions - We offer bespoke consulting to help you achieve your decarbonisation targets and meet upcoming regulation.

"We are on a mission to decarbonise the digital economy by providing real-time carbon analytics for cloud networks, blockchains and IoT devices. This data can be used to understand the source, amount and carbon intensity of the electricity consumed by a device or network of devices."

- Hamish Hutchings, CTO, Carbon Crowd

Meet the Team

A team of entrepreneurs and industry specialists bringing technology to tackle a global issue.