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Real-time carbon analytics for cloud networks, blockchain and IoT

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We need to rethink how we build digital technologies.

Create your own dashboard - No matter what industry you are in, if your organisation consumes electricity, we can help you measure your impact.

Access Carbon Crowd API - Leverage our API for intelligent decision-making with carbon-signals in your network and devices.

Bespoke consulting solutions - We offer bespoke consulting to help you achieve your decarbonisation targets and meet upcoming regulation.

"We are on a mission to decarbonise the digital economy by providing real-time carbon analytics for cloud networks, blockchains and IoT devices. This data can be used to understand the source, amount and carbon intensity of the electricity consumed by a device or network of devices."

- Hamish Hutchings, CTO, Carbon Crowd

Our climate pledge

Building for a carbon-neutral future.


Orlando Hutchings, CEO of Carbon Crowd, pledges to mitigate all scope 1, and 2 emissions of Carbon Crowd by 2027 in line with the latest scientific consensus and the urgency of Article 4 of the Paris Agreement.

Carbon Crowd will publicly report on its Scope 1 and 2 emissions in 2024.

Carbon Crowd is in the process of measuring and will publicly report its scope 3 emissions by 2030. Full scope 3 mitigation is targeted by 2035.

Given Carbon Crowd’s unique role as a measurement and decarbonisation partner for other organisations, we pledge to conduct our work for all our partners in line with the latest scientific consensus.


Carbon Crowd commits to conduct an internal study on all digital operations, and publicly release the findings in 2024. Based on the recommendations of this study, Carbon Crowd will design a decarbonisation strategy for its own operations.

Upon completion of the study, Carbon Crowd will make use of its own decarbonisation tools in order to execute on the aforementioned plan. This will include, but is not limited to, reducing digital redundancy, sourcing renewable energy and offsetting hard-to-abate emissions.

Outside of its own operations, Carbon Crowd is dedicated to ensuring all clients make measurable and actionable climate goals.


Carbon Crowd has pioneered real-time emissions tracking for cloud computing. By doing so, Carbon Crowd has made it possible to benchmark all digital emissions. Further, using this benchmark it is now possible to measure the effectiveness of different decarbonisation methodologies. (e.g. annual vs hourly renewable energy matching)

On discovering the lack of an industry standard for emissions measurements and disclosures in the Web3 space, Carbon Crowd, in collaboration with the Adora Foundation, launched the Proof of Green initiative as a founding member. The initiative aims to build a coalition of cross-blockchain partners to develop a cross-blockchain, industry wide Proof of Green standard for carbon emission metrics and disclosures.

The sectoral impact in terms of decarbonisation will be significant:

  • Transparency: A standardised method of disclosure will make it easier for users, investors, and regulators to understand the environmental impact of different blockchain networks and applications. This could lead to greater accountability and pressure to reduce emissions.
  • Comparability: With a standardised measurement method, it will be possible to compare the emissions of different blockchains and applications directly. This could incentivize blockchains to become more efficient in order to be more attractive to environmentally conscious users and investors.
  • Regulation: Clear and consistent disclosure of emissions could facilitate the development of regulations aimed at reducing the environmental impact of blockchain technology.
  • Innovation: The need to reduce emissions could drive innovation in the blockchain space, leading to the development of more energy-efficient consensus mechanisms and other technologies. Carbon Crowd would continue to be a market leader in this space, able to build increasingly sophisticated and interoperable digital tools for analytics and for decarbonisation. Chain specific tooling can also grow from this standard, such as Bitcoin mining with emission ceilings, or regulatory alerts and dashboards when a chain or miner exceeds agreed targets, or places strain upon the domestic electricity grid.
  • Investment: Investors are increasingly considering environmental factors in their investment decisions. A standard for measuring and disclosing blockchain emissions could influence investment flows in the blockchain space, potentially favouring more energy-efficient networks and applications.
  • Public Perception: The energy consumption and environmental impact of blockchain technology, particularly Bitcoin, has been a controversial issue. A consensus on emission disclosure could help improve the public perception of blockchain technology by demonstrating a commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility.


As a founding member of the Proof of Green Initiative, Carbon Crowd is partnering with the Adora Foundation to bring together key stakeholders in the blockchain space to publish a Proof of Green, industry-wide standard for carbon emission disclosures which we will be published in 2024, and once published will critically impact the way the sector as a whole measures, operates and cooperates environmentally.

Carbon Crowd wrote and published the ‘IC sustainability report 2022’, which provided the highest fidelity data on the emissions on the Internet Computer blockchain.

Following the publishing of the report, Carbon Crowd released a dashboard which represents the first time that a general purpose cloud network has achieved emissions tracking in real-time. The data is published publicly, and is always up to date.

Making use of these two publications, Carbon Crowd has pushed the frontier of publishing emissions from a single annual declaration, to a constant data-stream. Using this data it is now possible to measure not only Carbon Crowd’s on-chain emissions, but also far more accurately understand the emissions of different on-chain projects.

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